Real Estate

In Texas, your home and your land are two of your most important assets. Don’t go it alone; we can assist you in any purchase, sale, or dispute that may arise.

I’m Having Issues With My Landlord.

Texas law favors landlords in many circumstances; however, there are protections built in to protect the safety and well-being of tenants. Your lease is the controlling document as to everything else. Whether your landlord is trying to evict you or isn’t assisting with noisy neighbors, we know how to help.

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I Want To Purchase A Commercial Building But Am Unfamiliar With Closing.

We have closed dozens of real estate deals big and small; let us counsel you on everything from negotiations to title insurance.

Don’t let a business take advantage of your lack of specialized knowledge. We know your rights and how to make sure you aren’t unknowingly taken for a ride.

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I Feel Like A Business Didn’t Do What They Said They Would.

Texas has strong laws designed for protection of consumers from businesses with greater knowledge of the industry. These are contained under the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act. Let us inform you on how we can, for little cost, pursue these claims on your behalf and get you compensation for the harm.

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