Estate Planning

Do you have a house? A child? Precious family heirlooms? Or even a beloved pet? Then it is time to develop an estate plan for the day when you will no longer be around to protect what you love. We can assist you in everything from your first will to more complex trusts.

Do I Really Need A Will?

Everyone needs to consider their estate planning in some capacity. Passing away without a will means a rigid set of rules will be applied to divide your assets to your next of kin, no matter the strength of the relationship you truly had with them. A will can protect your last wishes and make sure the legacy you leave is one of straightforward disposition and not long drawn out legal battles.

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I’m In My 20s, Why Would I Want A Will?

Do you have a strong feeling about heroic medical procedures? Do you know who you want making your medical decisions whenever you cannot? Is there a special someone you’d like to leave your assets to who you are not closely related to? Is there a specific asset such as a furry friend who you want to go to a particular home in the event of your death? These are all circumstances where a will makes sense for even the youngest of adults. We can set up your plans with little hassle and expense and make sure your wishes are protected for years to come.

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What’s A Trust?

A trust is a legal document that allows the creator to dictate the particular usage of assets after their passing. Trust are good for making sure a child is taken care of until they reach a suitable age to manage their own assets; or for taking care of a special needs relative who won’t ever be able to do so on their own. Set up a trust and let someone you trust make sure your loved ones are taken care of.

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