Family Law

The combination of legal action and family members requires tact and care. We endeavor to provide both in these sensitive matters. Whether it’s a divorce, custody dispute, or child support issue, we care about what you care about.

I Want A Divorce.

One of the most difficult decisions to make is that of seeking a divorce; your children, assets, and livelihood will suddenly be at stake. You’ll want someone on your side, fighting to keep that which is important to you. Call us now before you announce your final intentions so that we may counsel you on the road ahead and prepare a strategy to get you through.

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We’re Getting Married And Want A Pre-nup

Pre-marital agreements have become ever more common in modern times. Like many other documents, its about being prepared for the worst-case scenario. Like you, we hope that you never need to use it; but let us provide you the peace of mind knowing that your prized possessions or hard earned livelihood is never lost in divorce.

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My Ex-Spouse Is Behind On Child Support.

Texas prides itself on being tough on those who don’t pay their child support. Wages can be garnished, assets can be seized, and in some rare circumstances, the offender can see jail time. The Office of the Attorney General Child Support Division exists to facilitate that recovery but, their process can take much longer than you want to see results. Let us show you how the same laws designed for the OAG can help you collect your child support now and get your family the assistance you were already entitled to.

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