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At the toughest times of your life, you need a team of attorneys that’s been there before. We provide target legal expertise to those who have been seriously injured by the carelessness of other and to families who have lost loved ones due to another’s negligent actions.

I Was Just Injured In A Car Wreck. What Do I Do?

First, seek the medical attention that you need; then call us without delay. We have handled many car accident claims and know the struggles that await you in your fight for fair compensation. It is helpful for us if you document as much as you can in regards to the wreck: take pictures of your vehicle, and your injuries; these can be invaluable resources later on.

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Insurance Is Refusing To Pay For My Accident.

There are many online forms that have been vetted by attorneys for use in the general business environment. But those forms are not looking out for you or your particular situation, which can be costly in the long run. Every situation is unique, don’t seek generic advice.

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What Am I Entitled To If I’m Not Liable For A Car Wreck?

Once liability has been established against the other driver, you should demand payment for (1) the damage to your vehicle; (2) your medical expense; (3) time lost from work; (4) loss of use of your vehicle; and often (5) the pain and suffering you experienced. Together these items form a reasonable resolution in most car accident cases.

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