Consumer Law

When you have been harmed by the fraudulent, deceptive, or misleading conduct of a business, it may seem daunting to confront the wrongdoer alone. If a business has taken advantage of you, let us show you how we can fight back.

What can be done when a business has wronged me?

The strongest statute in Texas for protecting the rights of consumers is known as the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act. It provides a laundry list of actions businesses cannot take when dealing in consumer goods and services. We can quickly and accurately tell you if one or more of these prohibit actions apply to your specific circumstances.

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What damages can I receive if my case is successful?

Like other lawsuits, most consumer protection cases settle before going to trial; many even before the lawsuit is filed with the court. However, the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act permits a court to award both the resulting economic damages and mental anguish damages; if the conduct is done “knowingly” then three times the economic damages may be awarded; if the conduct is done “intentionally” then three times the mental anguish damages may be awarded in addition.

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How do I get started with a Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Claim?

The first step in asserting your rights as a consumer is to send a letter asserting your claim under the statutory law and then allow the business an opportunity to answer. Give us a call today so we can get the process started.

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